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29 October 2008

A Saturday Wedding at Piazza del Duomo

Piazza del Duomo
The gigantic central square in front of Milan cathedral has always been a reference point for Milan's town planners. It was a meeting point for important roads before and during the Roman period. In the 4th century, it was a religious centre with the construction of the Basilica of Santa Tecla, and the Baptistry of San Giovanni alle Fonti (both demolished in the mid-14th century and their foundations can be seen below the space in front of the cathedral). Since 1386, the cathedral has been the religious and cultural centre of the city. Symmetrical porticoes line the longer sides (with the Arengario pavilions built in 1939 and the Royal Palace on the south side and Galleria on the north side). In the centre stands the equestrian statue of Vittorio Emanuele II by Ercole Rosa (1878) which was covered until a few years ago by flashing advertising signs.
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Merisi said...

Good morning! :-)
Gorgeous couple, beautifully captured by your camera!
I photographed a wedding in Venice last spring. If I ever can get my external hard drive to work again, I shall publish a few pictures, and then link here, if it is alright with you.

I hope to see more of your recent vacation on these pages. I would have taken the route home via Innsbruck, if you'd have been there last weekend. I felt really sorry that our travel plans did not quite fit into the same time frame.

Ms Mac said...

When I was in Milan, there were two weddings in the Piazza. Funnily enough, both of those couples were Asian as well. Hmmm....

hexe said...

Merisi - So sorry about the hard drive and that we didn't have a chance to meet. I guess I'll just have to visit Vienna :) I would be honored to have you link to this page once you have recovered your photos.

Ms. Mac - It was surreal. I was just crossing the plaza when the couple stopped for photos - amid the throngs of tourist. The poor bride did not look thrilled to have the birds all over her, but it was fun to play with the black and white.

Rosie said...

beautiful place...made for running about in

RennyBA said...

You know I was there just some weeks ago and it is an amazing place where everything can happened. Must have been great to experience this and how well you have captured it - thanks for sharing and for taking me down the memory lane :-)