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17 October 2008

Vacation with My Mother

When planning this trip to Austria and Italy, my mother said she wanted to visit an alpine area while she still had the ability to walk around and enjoy it. I should have surmised from that statement that age is creeping up on my parents, but instead we divided the planning; she took Italy and I took Austria. My parents are just my parents - I don't think of them as senior citizens as did the lady at the entrance to Castello Principesco who asked my mother if she qualified for a discount (she did!). Subconsciously, I must have noted the change as I booked all the hotels and made all the reservations and emailed my mother a list of places to see in Merano, Italy. I guess I just thought she was too busy to put all of the information together, even though in the past she has been the planner of all vacations with my father and with her friends.

At some point, I began to recognize that even when I offered to share the load, my mother was more content to allow me to handle the driving, map planning, and daily choices. I was the one asking her if she was tired, or if she needed a break. On the day we hiked, she thought to offer to carry the pack once, but seeing her struggle to lift the half-filled navy backpack, I took it and settled it easily on my back. I listened with concern as her face reddened with exertion and her breath came quickly as we walked uphill. Somewhere -maybe before or maybe during this trip -the roles had changed. A step out of our daily routines allowed me to see it. No words of celebration needed to mark this transition.

Castello Principesco (or Landesf├╝rstliche Burg) is located in the center of Merano, Italy. The castle was completely rebuilt around 1470 and Tyrolean rulers used the castle as their residence when staying in Merano.

And how did they use this door?

Much more inviting.

Castello Principesco is a somber, rustic fortress which looks exactly as it would have 500 years ago. It was here that Ferdinand I of Austria brought his court here to wait out an epidemic raging in Austria.

Enough of the dark and damp, let's explore the streets of Merano.

The Daily Grind

But what a view!

Look Up!

Walking (and Shopping!) Streets

***All information on Castello Principesco was from http://www.initaly.com/regions/taa/merano.htm or was from information at the Castle.


Expat Traveler said...

Wow wow wow! I know someone going to Italy today... That looks so beautiful. I must say that I now see some resemblance of the streets of Victoria! And also Switzerland (When do I not)... Beautiful pics, and I totally forgot you were going..

Must keep reading!

Expat Traveler said...

Oh I checked out the link below. It looks so beautiful. I forgot to ask if you checked out the Merano glass? And we still need to hear about Austria! :) I know patience... hehe

Ms Mac said...

What a beautiful place!

I feel terrible, I really wanted to come down and spend a day (or at least a few hours) with you in Milan but I got so wrapped up in what was going on here that the time just flew. I'm kicking myself.

Looking forward to hearing what you thought of Milan! Did you love it?

Rosie said...

hope you had a great time...I remember Milan as being the place where I had the most expensive room service ever in a hotel...