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21 October 2008

What Goes Up . . .

I haven't written about the job search lately because there isn't much to say. When we started last January, we thought in a year we would have something, but that does not appear likely. What is there to say - we doubt if there will be a move anytime soon; the advanced degrees we self financed and the last ten years of a local practice have not made us marketable in a global world; we have thrown around the idea of staying but neither of us wants to admit that a move is impossible (and the thought of another ten years here leaves me breathless); we have also tossed around the idea of widening our search in the U.S. outside of the state of Maine but that requires additional exams and costs and we don't want to move just to move (does that make sense?).

Besides how dare I complain when so many are losing their jobs, homes, and future. While we may see a change in salary, we are so very fortunate compared to many others. So for now, we'll keep throwing up applications and resumes, hoping that even in this economy, somehow something will eventually filter its way down.

After taking the chairlift out of Merano, my mother and I decided to walk back down to city center. While looking at these pictures of our walk, I try to remind myself that my time in Florida is a journey, and while the walk isn't over yet, I can still take pleasure in the view. Sappy and contrite, I know, but if it get me through the day with a better attitude then I'll take it. Enjoy the walk.

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Rosie said...

my dear you are right...love the one you are with...
(but keep your eyes open!)