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05 November 2008

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to my Grands

Today I am running around cleaning house and cooking seafood newburgh. My mother is arriving tomorrow to visit my Grandma who turns 85 this weekend. On the way to the airport, I am making a detour to visit my father's parents who arrived in Florida last week. Tomorrow they celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. The seafood newburgh and a couple other dinners are for them. As they are also both in their mid 80s, a wild night out is not their cup of tea any longer.

65 years just astounds me. When I called them to say I would be by on Thursday, Gram said she was passing the torch to me. I reminded her that when I married I was a decade and a few years older than she was. So to beat her 65 years, I need to live into my mid 90s. She told me I was up for the challenge!

In the past few years, my family has seen some significant decline in the health of my grandparents. I know that it is frustrating to see your body fail and for my grandfather, to see his mind lose touch with reality. There have been a number of scares this past year and yet they are here still celebrating their lives.

My children have had the benefit of great grandparents that they know and love, and who love them beyond measure. The memories of showing my children Grandpa's farm and having them climb up on the tractor as I did as a kid are priceless. Seeing my daughter read to my Grandma who is losing her sight, stops me mid sentence.

How lucky I am.


christina said...

What a nice post.So nice that your little ones have so many generations of family around them. My husband's granny passed away in 1999 at the age of 86 and our kids just loved her so much.

RennyBA said...

Sorry I am late, but Happy anniversary to them from me - all the way from Norway!