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18 November 2008

A List

Regarding my blogging, it seems that I have slipped into the apathy felt by a few others this time of year. There is nothing wrong - life is just life at this point, and reflecting and discussing are unnecessary. Here are the happening, nothing earth shattering . . .
  • Hew had a cold and stayed home with me yesterday. We started cleaning the house for Thanksgiving next week. Even with a runny nose, Hew is a worker bee and was especially thrilled when I gave him the furniture polish and a rag and let him go to town on the coffee table and end tables.
  • KK has a field trip to the Aquarium tomorrow. I will be supervising her and a couple of other kids. I just pray I don't get "the runner" who I spent four hours chasing on the last field trip.
  • I have test in chemistry Thursday. Even after the review problems, I still don't understand the last two sections of chapter 14.
  • Friday, some friends from "the school" are coming for appetizers, alcohol, and gossip. I'm supplying the first two and they're bringing the third.
  • The kids have next week off from school.
  • Thus far, the count for Thanksgiving is 19 for dinner and 23 for dessert, but we are still waiting to hear from the last 8. I have already found a 22.7 lbs turkey and 11 lbs ham. The kids and I will make desserts and breads next week and then I'll do the veggies, turkey and ham on Thanksgiving. So far, one guest is bringing soda and another cheese balls.
  • We leave for Colorado so PH can attend a legal seminar in about three weeks. From Colorado, we fly to Boston for a weekend with the kids and then drive to Maine for Christmas with my family. I think I have all the reservation made, but need to check on the cost of luggage as each flight is a different carrier.

That's it people, nothing to see here besides a bunch of cleaning, cooking, and a bit of studying thrown in.

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Expat Traveler said...

Did you get back to more exercise? Sounds like you have your hands full.. But then again, I haven't had time to read blogs so I must be pretty busy too!