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14 November 2008

When Did I Get Old

Since returning from Italy, I haven't found my way back to the gym or any sort of exercise. My mother in law was here, then my Mom came down for a visit, anniversary, birthdays, field trips - I have a million excuses.

So I decide that enough is enough and Wednesday I go jog/run three miles. A hundred years ago I ran cross-country and track. I understand about pacing and while I am no longer a speed demon, I have always been able to pace out a couple miles. Except now it comes with consequences. Yesterday I wake up sore - not just sore, but I can't walk without looking like I have a stick up my behind sore. I shuffle to my daughter's Battle of the Books in the morning and then back home. I kept telling myself that I would loosen up once I ran again - yeah right. Half-way through the three mile loop yesterday, my legs have seized up and I have to goose step back. Last night when I went to class, I nearly cried when I had to walk down a flight of stairs. I know I should run again today, but I'm thinking a long swim might be a better choice. I know forty is knocking on the door, but I still want to be able to hike these . . .

The Italian Alps

The Austrian Alps

when I am eighty years old. Guess I better get moving!

These pictures are some of my favorite from the trip last month. My photos certainly don't do the mountains justice, but they remind me of the awe I feel whenever I return to the Alps. Join me in playing Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. A great way to start the weekend.


Nik said...

What GORGEOUS views! Hey - I give you kudos for making it so far the first day.

I think a swim is in order for today. GO FOR IT! Besides, it'll still be better than that "I can't make it to workout again" feeling.

Susie said...

Breathtaking photos!!

Expat Traveler said...

Oh wow - those are great photos! And keep at it, as sometimes I feel the same way and I've got a few years to go... I think the muscles just weren't used and that is why you are feeling so badly...

A swim won't do you any harm but I also hope you will try to run again! The swim might loosen up the muscles...

Rosie said...

Bah humbug, running is bad for you...especially your knees.
Swimming is much better...except you get your hair wet.
Oh well, walking?

Merisi said...

You have definitely shocked your system, by starting by jogging three miles all at once. Next time, walk fast, don't run. *sternlook*

I don't try to run anymore, somehow it never was something I truly enjoy. I love walking, though. I cover miles and miles of the city, and would even more, if only I had the time. The beauty of walking is that I can enjoy my surroundings while doing so. I also love hiking, done quite a lot this summer and autumn, and turns out that all that walking had made me very fit. I was able to hike 5-6 hours with no strain at all.

I wished I would finally do some Pilates, but the idea of having to show up at a certain time at a gym makes me, well, almost run. ;-)

It is Saturday after TG, and my turkey's in the oven. Better check ... ;-)