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17 February 2009

A Conversation with Mars and Venus

Here's what I said when I called:

"Hey Hubby, you so owe me. Since the dryer repairman is coming today, I pulled the washer and dryer from the wall and cleaned back there. You should have seen it. There was a ton of dryer lint back there, a couple hangers, and one of the kids shoved a black crayon under the washer that melted in with all the dryer fuzz. There was so much dryer fuzz sticking to everything, I had to take my clothes off when I finished."

Here's Hubby response:

"You cleaned behind the dryer naked!"

After clarifying that I meant that I changed my clothes after I had finished cleaning, his final response:

"All I can picture is you naked behind the washer covered in dryer lint."

Yes, that's it - when you Hubby go off to work each day, I strip down, crawl behind the major appliances, and clean. That's my secret.

Yeah, right.

1 comment:

Amy said...

What a naughty little girl you are Hexe....;-))