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21 October 2009

Culture Shock

If ever you want to see the vast spectrum of humanity in the United States travel from Seattle, Washington to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the same week. We thought the kids were ready for a National Park trip; I'm not sure we were ready for Gatlinburg . . .

We spent the weekend listening to KK, age 7, correcting spelling seen around town - "Corn is spelled with a C not a K, right Momma."


Expat Traveler said...

Well that one I think was done on purpose, but yes there are some strange cities around the states!

Hey - it sounds like you were up our way!

I gotta see if you have anything else from the trip, let alone wanting to hear more about it!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Since I'm a Norwegian, I think I can learn a lot from KK :-)

Merisi said...

I love southeastern Tennessee in autumn,
all down to the Smoky Mountains and over to Cherokee, North Carolina.
Never mind the spelling (that car was from Georgia, btw)!