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19 October 2009

Und die Blumen . . .

Bringen die Blumen in der Morgan.

Blumen, Blumen, und mehr Blumen!

Meine Lieblingsblume.

Ich habe diese Fotos in Seattle.
Oktober 2009
Please feel free to correct my limited German


PH said...

Ich habe immer gerne Ihre Bl├╝ten!

Anonymous said...

My first german sentance was "Die blumen sind kaput." because all the sunflowers were dead in the fields. Something about oil or whatnot. I just thought it was zee german vay!

beutiful photos.

christina said...

No corrections - I like your German the way it is! :-)

Expat Traveler said...

Ah yes, you've got the expert, yeah for flowers how beautiful! Wishing I could have gone down to meet you guys!