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27 October 2009

Travel Suggestions

I am in need of some travel suggestions for the spring. Well, really I need to narrow down all of the places I want to go and pick one (or maybe two!) places. The parameters of this challenge: ten or so days late March/early April includes Easter weekend but not traveling that weekend, husband who will not even remember where we are going until he packs the night before leaving, two children then ages six and eight, needs to be warm enough to be outside but it can be jacket weather, not more than one plane connection between Florida and destination (sorry no 30 hour trips to New Zealand - Hubby already vetoed that idea!), if anywhere near Paris will have to stop and see family for a few days, need quaint and pretty scenery, good food, prefer that part of the time is NOT in a major city, and the perfect place to make lasting memories and yet relaxing.

I need specifics people! Not just a country but a town or area. Anyone?


Merisi said...

I would go somewhere near Venice.
If you are game, I can make a suggestion or two.

RennyBA's Terella said...

How about saving it for August at the Oslo Blog Gathering? Yea, I remember your comment, but you'll be back the 15th.

Otherwise: How about a trip to Holland (e.g. Amsterdam) to see the blooming of tulips?