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17 May 2010

Gardening Monday

Despite having a stomach bug for the past ten days, the garden continues to progress.  I picked the green beans clean and pulled out the stalks as production had decreased to just a few errant beans.  The second plants started from seed are about a foot high and ready to be planted in the garden tomorrow.  Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are still flowering but no fruit (vegg? - the great debate rages on) yet.  The baby cucumbers have started coming in with a handful that I plan to pick tomorrow.  I hope the rest develop quickly so pickles can be made.  The asparagus bean and Thai eggplant are growing lovely and green - not sure what to expect as this is the first time I have grown these.  As for the herbs - the parsley continues to flourish; the rosemary started from seed is just beginning to poke through; the sage and thyme seem to be recovering well. 

Pictures of it all soon, but for now I am off to meet my secret love for a farewell meeting as (1) I finished painting the bedroom and some accents are needed and (2) the kids are out of school for summer vacation this Thursday and my dalliance will have to come to a heartbroken end (at least for a bit).  I might even have some beach pictures next week as FIL has offered us his beach condo for this weekend to celebrate the end of school.

Have a good Monday!

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Merisi said...

Are you saying that your kids have outgrown the ball room? ;-)