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24 May 2010

Gardening Monday

The first day of no school for the kids and we are recovering from the beach (pics to follow shortly).  The garden was a bit dry after a few days of relying on the rain here.  The tomatoes continue to produce and grown nicely.  One of the cherry tomato plants is looking VERY dry, but I am hoping it will be fine now that it has a bit of water.  The fruit/vegetable are still there so I think it will recover.  Unfortunately the de Bourbonne cucumber are looking terrible.  Many of them are yellow and they are growing curved which I know I know is not a good sign.  I think this Floida heat is too muc for them.  Plus I am wondering about an infestion of some white bugs from the green beans - it's possible that I will need to invest in some galic spray to keep away pests.  The thai egg plant are beginning to flower - purple thus far.  And the asparagus bean plant is ready for a trellis so that is a project for later this week. 

And the flowers are finally beginning to bloom.  What looked like this last week . . .

. . . now look like this

Happy Monday!

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