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05 May 2010

Hello, my name is Hexe and I am addicted to IKEA

It started out so innocently on Valentine's weekend.  When I finished painting the den, Hubby and I decided we needed a desk.  The lap top needed a home and the kids needed a place for homework.  It was a gorgeous weekend - cold and sunny.  So we drove an hour to visit IKEA.  I'd been before, but it so overwhelming at first that I could just stare; my mind unable to comprehend the various room configurations.  So we found a desk - nothing fancy - just an area for books, the laptop and maybe a bit of space for homework.  And it was good.

But then, I finished painting the living room.  And Hubby in his frugal manner was about to pull out the ten year old couch pillows which totally clashed with my new paint job.  I had to drive by the IKEA for an appointment, so I figured I'd stop and JUST SEE if they had any pillows.  And how could I resist these

(And the four large flower pots which now are filled with veggies and herbs . . . )  But it was still good.

So the living room is painted we've rearranged the furniture and there is is this very empty lonely wall and lots of books throughout the house.  Another meeting and another visit to you know where.  But I was strong this time, I just looked, not one purchase ( well, except for some ligonberry  "saft" and a chocolate bar to console myself . . . ).  And then yesterday, another meeting and I knew I had guests coming tonight for dinner and these books were everywhere and

PH is still saying it's all good, but I think that he is damn glad I only have one more meeting over near IKEA.


Merisi said...

So, you started an affair with Billy? ;-)

Ms Mac said...

Oh, I can identify. Next time you feel the urge, call me. I'll be your IKEA Anon sponsor. (Did you have the meatballs in the restaurant?)

christina said...

Every time I see that pillow in the IKEA catalogue I say to myself that I MUST have it. It's SO pretty. Great choice

hexe said...

Merisi - At first my head was turned by a sleek wood and glass model, but then I remember the errant soccer balls that fly through my house followed by the cry of "Not Me!". After that I shamelessly flung myself at Billy without a second thought to etched glass. I did wonder if you were a Billy girl too ;)

Ms. Mac - No meatballs yet, but do have that last meeting over there. I may be having to call you soon :)

Christina - I too fell for the pillows in the catalog. Then I would just walk by them each visit before I finally caved in. It was so the right choice!

G in Berlin said...

I no longer consider my relationship with Ikea an addiction. Although today we were cruelly rebuffed: after heading over to "the Marienkaefer spielplatz" (aka Kindercare at Ikea), we discovered that they were remodeling the cafeteria. We were all so mad that we hadn't known so that we could go to the Spandau Ikea instead and huffed home and ate at a Greek place instead. We did pick up the 49 cent wooden spoons (for a craft project) that we had gone for, though.
Our entire apartment is basically an Ikea show place and I highly recommend the glass doors for the Billy bookcases- they aren't fragile and make life very containable.
But I remember being in the US and driving down to Paramus when the most northeastern Ikea opened....

Irish Nomad said...

I have the same pillows - and a matching lampshade :) I live 7 mins drive from Ikea now and hardly ever visit - maybe twice a year. Still, very relieved that IKEA has made it's way to KL as will definitely be a regular there once we get a new house. Love your bookselves.