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10 June 2010

Division of Labor

In our almost ten years of living in this house, it appears that the fact that I mow the yard (instead of my husband or a yard service) is still a topic of conversation.  I knew I was upsetting the apple cart when we moved in and I was introduced as "This is Hexe.  I'm sure you seen her out mowing her yard."  And then it was a riding mower, which isn't a whole lot of work.

Now that I've moved on to the push mower (less damage to the grass during the dry humid months), it appears to have renewed the discussion.  Today, I was stopped mid-mow by a women from the back of the neighborhood who informed me that her husband better not see me because he'd already asked her why she couldn't help with the yard.  Um, sorry - I guess?!?  If you don't want to mow your grass, then don't, but is it really such a big deal that I mow mine.  The kids are outside and I'd rather accomplish something then sit around.  Plus the push mower is a work-out in the scorching Florida sun and as my work-outs are now limited to those I can complete with two kids in tow, I can use all the help I can get.

I know I grew up in a whole different culture ("the Northeast"), but it was not a big deal to have ovaries and mow the yard there.  As soon as we were old enough not to run over each other, mowing became our chore.  My sister and I split the yard - one of us taking the larger but flatter front yard and the other taking the smaller, but hilly back yard.  At my Grandparent's farm, my Grandmother even drove the tractor during summer haying when the crew was short numbers.  I can imagine the outcome if that happened here - they'd probably call an emergency homeowner meeting to discuss it.

The whole division of labor has been and will continue to be a topic of discussion in our house.  I'm home so I do more.  I am not a delicate flower who leaves the dirty jobs to my husband.  I'd rather mow the yard, then clean the bathroom any day.  The down side of being home is once the kids are out of school, there is no time that is mine.  Nothing changes for PH when the kids leave school, but I surrender all of my free time.  In another week or so, the kidsy will begin a few activities so I will at least have two hours that are mine and  I can exercise daily, but then I leave for Maine and the kids are once again mine full time.  Sometimes I wonder if it is just the heat here that makes me so grumpy in the summers . . .


Ms Mac said...

I gladly left the mowing to my husband when we had a lawn but I would fight to the death to protect your choice as a woman to mow her own lawn.

How ridiculous.

Ms Mac said...

ps. Our neighbours split the mowing between husbands and wives. There doesn't seem to be any qualms about a woman mowing the lawn here.