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01 June 2010

It been a little quiet here because

1.  My grandfather has been admitted to the hospital and is having an operation.  He is the last of my grandparents alive.  Even though he does have dementia and hasn't a clue who we are anymore, he's the last and I really would prefer if he could put off dying a bit longer.  And I am not asking just because I am the executor of his will, and his estate will a giant mess.

2.  The kids are out of school and we are not heading to Maine until July - like mid-July.  It's hot and they need to be entertained and the rest of the schools are not out yet.  Tomorrow at Hubby's suggestion, we are building a volcano (wth!). 

3.  A friend has lied to me.  Not those little lies - like "no I don't dye my hair" or "of course, you haven't gained a pound!"   But one of those lies that played on my emotions and resulted in me doing something for her that I would have never done if I'd known the truth.  The betrayal kind of lie.  It's not like I make friends easily here in Hell, and over the years I have done some very nice things for this friend and been there in some really difficult times.  It's the kind of lie where you begin to believe that you should never confide in any other person because they will only use your soft spots to manipulate you.  I'm ragingly angry and so damn hurt.  Not sure how this will end quite yet other then I tend to be a burn the forest and the bridge down sort of person once I feel betrayed. 

4.  It's summer and it's hot and I really hate Florida.


G in Berlin said...

It really does crap when you have to re-examine a relationship in light of new knowledge. I am a light a conflagration sort myself, but am trying to become a sad but dignified and cold cutter of ties instead.

Merisi said...

I am so sorry about your grandfather and that manipulative friend too! *big hug*

We have had a streak (streak? Oh well, let's be charitable!) cool weather and incessant rain. *yikes*
There's a break in the cloud cover as I write, it seems to become larger rapidly, I see blue sky! :-)

I remember once sending my kids three days to Bible Summer Camp. I thought my sanity was worth it. They don't remember a thing. In elementary school, the took part in a book quest at the local library branch. Boy, that was so clever: the oldest read 43 books in a month, kept them really busy. And they had fun too. ;-)

Merisi said...

I'd love to see more photos of your Florida!
How about going on a foto safari with the kids and open their own photo blog? Digital cameras are so cheap now and no film to buy ..... ;-)

RennyBA's Terella said...

Sorry to hear about you're grandfather - hope he is doing better soon!