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05 September 2006

My Latest Addiction

I know that reality shows are for the most part crap. Yet, I can't seem to turn off the t.v. My latest favorite is RockStar: SuperNova. I turn in twice a week, staying up past my bedtime (yes, 9:00 PM is bedtime - I'm old) to watch these musicians sing for a place in the band SuperNova.

While I enjoy the music, part of my infatuation is the bad boy rocker image. I was much too good as a teenager to have dated a rocker, but I can still picture myself driving on some back road like a bat out of hell, screaming out of tune some rebellious lyrics. The bad boy, Toby, the family man, Magni, and the brassy Delana keep me coming back. While I enjoy the show, I know that if my daughter came home with the multiple piercing that Delana showcases or my son came home telling me that he was going to be a rock singer I'd have a fit. Some obsessions are best enjoyed from a distance.


RennyBA said...

Never seen them, but there are reality shows in Norway too. Lost the interest though as it's all same shit, new wrappings:-)

hexe said...

Renny - You are right about same shit different wrapping. And yet, every so often it's relaxing and mindless that you can't turn away.

EuroTrippen said...

What the what were they thinking getting rid of Storm?? She was my favorite. I'm actually in the minority as I was a Lukas fan, too. Oh well... no matter how you slice it Supernova sucks. I predict a quick demise for that band.

Of course, I said the same thing about Rockstar: inxs and they're selling out stadiums... so, who knows.