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30 September 2006

Copy Cat

I stole this idea from Sunshine. Go to Google and enter your name followed by "Last I heard s/he was". Here the life I didn't know I was leading.
Last I heard, Hexe was

1. Living in Austin, Texas and appearing on MTV's Austin stories.
You just know that MTV is looking for a working Mom with two kids who's idea of a wild party is a bunch of preschoolers hopped on kool aid and cupcakes.

2. homeless and begging people to send her cash.
Does begging work?

3. the husband's kitty.
This is PH's favorite. He's hoping this means I have some sort of Cat Woman costume for our anniversary at the end of the month. Keep dreaming . . .

4. getting a petition signed against lip piercing
Do you blame me? What are all the multiple piercing people going to do when they get old and it all starts to sag, thus creating open, gaping holes in their bodies? Think about it!

5. living in Syracuse, NY and was represented by galleries in NY.
Who knew that stick drawings could be so profitable?

6. going back to Florida to have her second kid.
Never left after the first kid, and sadly, still here after the second one.

7. headed up North.
Alright, who's been talking about my Thanksgiving trip before I told my mother-in-law that I am taking her grandchildren away for the week?

8. going upstairs for a smoke.

9. "preggers"

10. crazy for crystal pleating polyster for scarves.
Wow - I must have said that while I was partying in Austin and drinking that crazy kool aid.

God, it's good to be back!


Sunshine said...

Stealing is totally legal in the blog world! Isn't it a scream what comes up??? Too funny, especially your response to "preggers". HA!

Ms Mac said...

Very funny! Although I don't mind a lip piercing. Especially on that skinny young lad that tatooed me in Ohio. Or maybe I have said too much.

hexe said...

Sunshine - That was a serious response to being "preggers"!

The lovely Ms. Mac - There is nothing wrong with admiring a young lad, especially one who has provided you with such a sensual experience as being tatooed. But alas, the skinny young lad will eventually get OLD and old, saggy men were never meant to wear lip rings.

RennyBA said...

This was really funny and I had a good laugh reading it - have to try myself!
Btw: Didn't now you could get a pregnancy test on Google:-)