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13 October 2006


Right, this moment I am riding in the car as PH and I drive home from Cedar Key after a weekend sans kids. Being without the kids is surreal in its own way (don't worry, we left them with MIL and not locked in a closet), but even more surreal is that I have internet access in the car (new wireless thingamadoo that PH's work decided was a necessity). Even stranger, is that we are listening via the thingamadoo to a radio station in Norway. Just heard the news in Norweigan - fine for PH, not so interesting for me.

Our first trip to Cedar Key, we were young, high pressured professions, with no kids, a crap load of college debt, and no home. We laugh at the changes eight years have brought - we are very lucky - a home, two healthy children, friends and family who love us.

For those who haven't heard of Cedar Key, which I know is the majority of you, Cedar Key is a small island off the Northwest Coast of Florida. There isn't much there. A couple bed and breakfasts, a few boats, and a cute little downtown. It just happens to be the place that PH proposed eight years ago. We haven't been back since then, but PH planned a surprise get away weekend for our anniversary. This would be where I would post the beautiful pictures of the coast and the adorabel little B&B, except that in our haste to run away from our children, we forgot to grab the camera battery.

What is even more surreal is that we are in the same car from 1998 when we got engaged - my 1995 Volkswagon Golf. I moved to Florida in this car and still have not had the heart to turn it in, but the time for a proper burial is coming. So, this our last trip in this car - funny, it's to the place where our lives together began.


Expat Traveler said...

how cool! So symbolic. And I love that you guys had a weekend together. Somehow my parents think we are too far away. So odd!

But the pic there looks amazing. That's funny about the car! So my only question is does PH speak Norweigen?

hexe said...

ET - Can't understand your parents thought :) Yes, PH still speaks Norweigan. He listens to radio station P4 out of Norway at work. He gets some pretty interesting stares.

Deb said...

I lived in Florida for over 25yrs, and I had never heard of Cedar Key. lol Learn something new everyday!

christina said...

Wow, trippy! Lots of deja vu going on there, I bet. Glad you had a great weekend.