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22 October 2006

Welcome to the Neighborhood . . . NOT!

I have previously mentioned my uptight, rude, petty neighbors, but their obnoxious behavior had reached a new high. Last weekend, PH and I began to put our lawn back together. During the summer heat, we generally let some of the weeding go. We still mow regularly but it is fair to say that we do let things grow out a bit. It's hot and things just tend to wither a bit no matter what we do.

Anyways, last weekend, we began weeding and trimming back the shrubs. We cleaned up on the side on the house and cut back a couple trees. We were happy with our start and intended to continue our "clean up" this weekend. I also should add that we do have a sign in our yard, supporting a local political candidate that we know.

Fast forward to Wednesday after work. I'm driving home with both kids, figuring out how to get dinner on the table. I pull up and grab the mail before going in the house. Strangely, there is a letter with no return address and our names are not on the envelope, just our address. Once the kids are in the house and have a snack, I open the curious envelope and there with various spelling errors is the following message:

Here's the deal...We will vote for your favored political candidate and in turn you can take care of your lawn, cut your bushes and bring your property UP TO OUR COMMUNITY STANDARDS.

The letter was unsigned, of course, as my neighbors don't have the courage to approach us personally. Now, these neighbors have no problem sending their children to play in our yard while they go about their business and we watch their kids, but they can't be bothered to speak with us. I am counting the days until I can sell this house and move.

So, did these cretin cowards keep us from working on our yard? Certainly not, but we left the front yard looking as is and have done a lovely job cleaning out the back where our children play and our one neighbor who is actually decent lives. As far as the front, I'm thinking about a dozen pink flamingo yard ornaments - what do you think?


Expat Traveler said...

LOL - yeah that sounds perfect!!! My parents just asked if we'd move back to Cali... um no!

Sunshine said...

I think more research is required. Find lawn ornaments that you think will TRULY annoy said neighbors then liberally sprinkle your yard with them.
Repeat as necessary.

Deb said...

Nice touch!

Neighbors can be so obnoxious sometimes.

RennyBA said...

Forgett the "offer", they'll probably not vote for your favored after all. And endeed they don't deserve a look of pink flamingoes:-)

Dixie said...

I'd have so many garden gnomes in my yard it would like like a fairy tale had exploded.

Bring on the yard art!

christina said...

TWO dozen pink flamingos at least. The nerve of some people.