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08 October 2006

A Visit to Hell

Just when things begin to fall into place, we visit PH's family and Hew comes home with a flu. Poor Hew had a temperature of over 102 for three days. PH stayed home with him on Monday and Tuesday, and I stayed home Wednesday. PH swears that I can not blame his family for this, but EVERY time we see these relatives, they or their children are sick. AND EVERY TIME my kids end up sick!

I will concede where we met for the visit could have contributed to Hew's illness. The location was NOT my choice but PH's brothers already had plans to got to this place. Drum roll, please . . . We went to The Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando. I tried to have an open mind, but truly the place is Hell on Earth.

Imagine thousands of small, overly sugared and overly caffinated children screaming in a large pool with maybe two life guards. I won't even mention the urine/water ratio.

What disturbs me is the blatant commercialism and over spending. Parents were seen giving into every whim of their children - allowing them to purchase and consume whatever they wanted. My brother and sister-in-law soon fell into this trap, and when they purchased a "surprise" for their children, their elder child threw down the gift, pouting and whining that the gift was not what she wanted. Did punishment or a reprimand ensue? - No, instead the child was consoled by her mother that she could go back to the store and "get what she wanted." Mother additionally berated Father for not buying the "right gift." I had to grit my teeth and leave the room.

Forgive me for wishing for the "good old days" where a parent understood that their role is not to befriend their children, but to love and guide their children into becoming decent human beings. Also, entertainment should be a backyard and an imagination. A child who can not entertain themselves for ten minutes without television or a loud, flashing electronic device is missing out. My siblings and neighbors still laugh over the "plays" we used to perform in the backyard - including a modern version of Cinderella, where yours truly decided she didn't want to marry the prince (my childhood neighbor who did end up coming out of the closet years later), but instead had the wicked step sisters turned into appliances (a washing machine and a vacumn) and then Cinderella moved off to the city to get a job! Yes, even then, I was an independet women. Seriously, the skills children develop while playing outside and using their imagination are skills they will continue to build on for a lifetime, and they certainly won't come from watching Nickelodeon or going to their hotel.

There - I'm done ranting.


christina said...

Eew, that sounds like a great place to catch a few diseases. I would have gotten a migrain for sure. We were all struck down last week as well. Hope you're all feeling better!

Expat Traveler said...

Ok - now I would never take my kids there either and that pool...YUCK!!!

And the way your b in law treats those kids, I'm glad you guys have diff ethics. I see it more as a European view of upbringing to sorts...

Well I hope everyone is feeling better now and I'm sure it was the germs around the hotel (which mind you is how I caught my last fever a few weeks ago)...

So don't blame them, just wash those kids hands more... Seriously, I look back now and I'm sure the germs I touched if I had washed my hands, wouldn't have gotten me sick!

Antipodeesse said...

Bravo Cinders!

Sunshine said...

That place looks exactly like the kind of place my kids would want to go, and we would in a "this will only be 4 hours of pure hell and torture" kind of way.
We do a lot of imagination and reading around here, with doses of mindless cartoons. I also am REALLY mean and don't allow video games on school days, weekends only.
And, yes, I am not their friend, just ask....they pretty much think I'm the meanest most unreasonable mother alive.
But, we can be friends later....not now while I'm yelling.

EuroTrippen said...

I'm a giant kid myself, and anything involving spongebob sucks me in immediately. I'd be right in there with the overly sugared/caffinated kids screaming for someone to slime me!

RennyBA said...

Your posts are always readable and I like your way of thinking and am so agree with you!
Have a lovely weekend:-)