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01 September 2007

They said . .

They said it would be easier the second year; after all, I had everything I taught the first year to reuse. They said I wouldn't have to work so many hours and give up a majority of nights and weekends. What they failed to say was that I was getting two new classes and an extra twenty students, a new administration, a different and more encompassing extra curricular activity to supervise, and I was to mentor another new teacher. They wouldn't admit that past disrespectful behavior of the parents has become a predictable pattern that they will continue to allow. They not only failed to notice that my students from last year performed substantially above the national average on some standardized test, but instead termed the school's results as "humiliating" as other departments did not fare so well. They have not yet offered one compliment in my division to any teacher, and instead, have attacked those of us who have discovered student cheating as being "overbearing" all the while reminding us that we need to set a high bar for performance. They still have not provided an affordable health care plan as was promised last year. They have yet to receive all of the books ordered last spring so substantive materials are being taught with no books nor any other materials. They are not a public school, but instead one of the most expensive, well known private schools in the area.

I see articles like this one discussing a teacher shortage and I understand. The pay, the lack of benefits, the disrespect, and the pressure make a teacher shortage a reality. I know for myself that I will be part of the statistic that leaves in less than three years. I have options and this "job" is not worth it. And if you are one of those idealist who say teaching is a "calling" and that I would continue if I really loved the students, maybe that's true. But as a women with my own young children, my first priority is my own family and they suffer while I teach. For me, the cost is too great.


RennyBA said...

My sister is also a teacher and at grammar school and they kind of straggle with the same. She says the tests and the comparesing don't improve the learning substantially.

I do hope you keep up your good work though, as the world needs teachers like you!

hexe said...

Renny - Thank you for the kind words - it has been a interesting couple of weeks and obviously the stress is showing.

PeetSwea said...

The frustration and stress is completely warranted - it's so unfortunate that you have to go through this. I hope every day that teachers get so much more of what they need and deserve. Hoping that it's really soon for you!!

Merisi said...

This sounds horrible. Sometimes public school are more honest. ;-)