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06 October 2007

The Apocalypse

I'm just warning those who read this blog, I know the end of the world must be near. There are certain events that happen which prophesize the day of reckoning. Tonight, one of those events occurred.

It was an ordinary night. We needed some vegetables for dinner. I went to the store sans kids - they were riding the lawn mower with PH. I waved and tooted the horn as I drove to the store. I found my vegetables and paid for them. I knew PH had not picked up a lottery ticket and the Florida Lottery is $18 million. With the thought of wasting a dollar, I stopped at the store clerk's desk under the Florida Lottery sign. A young women came over and took my numbers and then it happened. She looked at me and said "Can I see your ID?"

Lost in the thoughts of making dinner, it took a few moments for this phrase to register.

"I'm sorry," I stammered.

Again, she repeat "Your ID?"

Dazed, I handed her my driver's license, murmuring, "But I'm 38 years old."

She looked at my ID, and then back at me, and replied, "Wow, you look really good for your age. I wasn't sure if you were old enough to buy a lottery ticket."

Tonight I was carded for the first time in nearly fifteen (okay, twenty) years. I'm telling you, it's all over.


Expat Traveler said...

How absolutely cool is that!!! Congrats for not having the kids wear on ya. You must be doing something right. hehe

Merisi said...


RennyBA said...

Thats what I call a thrill money can't buy :-)

Merisi said...

It's Saturday morning. Are you off to the liquor store, again? :-)))

hexe said...

Merisi - No not this Saturday as I have had a cold all week and we have just finished putting wood flooring in my daughter's room. I'm so tired I'm not sure I could stay awake to drive to the liquor store. Besides, one appletini and I may be asleep before the kids :)