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13 October 2007

The Difference of a Week

Last Saturday, I was mistaken for a teenager. This weekend not so much.

While getting dressed, I was lamenting about a certain body part, complaining to PerfectHusband that said body part is hanging to my knees.

PH: Oh come on! They're not to your knees.

Tired looking Hexe who has been sick all week: Fine! Not my knees, just to my hips.

PH: They don't even reach your waist yet!!!!!!

Last weekend, I was young; this weekend it appears I am on the way to having saggy boobs! What a difference one week can make.


Mountain Dweller said...

I am sure that once you start feeling better you will go back to your previous teenager self!

Expat Traveler said...

lol - and I got pissed because P told me I had a small whole in my underware..

Elizabeth said...

If they didn't make fabulous bras that put everything back where it was and then some?

I don't know if life would be worth smiling about.

Just saying'

Over at Chicago Mom's, we're trying to get someone to blog about getting a 'Mommy Job" (Tummy tuck and boob job)... the idea of the knife scares the bejabbers outta me, tho.

hexe said...

Mountain Dweller - I'm not sure that I will ever feel like a teenager again!

E.T. - A hole in underwear is fixed with thread, but my problem is going to need more than a couple stitches!

Elizabeth - No tummy tuck and boob job for me either. I had two c-sections that's enough surgery for a lifetime!

christina said...

My husband has learned from experience to never, NEVER aknowledge the saggy boobs if he knows what's good for him. :-)

Ms Mac said...

If it makes you feel any better, my boobs are so saggy I have to concertina fold them into my bra now.