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20 November 2007

We came, we saw, we now have to make Thanksgiving dinner for 23

This is where my photos from Mouseland should be so that I do not have to write anything as (1) I am exhausted from Mouseland, (2) PH has had migraine since leaving Mouseland and I have spent the day trying to keep small children quiet, (3) the bug man sprayed today which means small children could not go in the yard (see (2) and you understand the dilemma), (4) 23 people are arriving in less than 48 hours and are expecting large, traditional dinner, and (5) photos from Disney remind me that since the school year has begun I have put on a ton of weight (no, seriously - a ton) and this is rather depressing.

Instead, blogger is failing and you get whining and disappointment. Sorry.


Rosie said...

i rather like to read moaning and whining since it makes me feel better about my own situation, and liberates me from any slight guilt (very slight)I might have felt about moaning and whining myself. keep it up

RennyBA said...

Thats more than twice of people we had - woow.

I'm a Norwegian you know, so we normally don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but living with an American makes a big different and the turkey tasted great. I'll post about it tomorrow :-)

Happy Holiday to all of you!

Merisi said...

I hope all worked out well for you. I played in the kitchen all day today for our dinner tomorrow. Only 16 though. How do you host 23???

hexe said...

Rosie - I'm glad my whining has a positive effect ;)

Renny - Hope you enjoyed your dinner. I can understand why your wife would want to bring the tradition of Thanksgiving to your home - family, friends, food.

Merisi - I don't think I have moved from the couch today. The cooking began Tuesday night and Wednesday morning with pies and cookies. Wednesday night was vegetable prep and appetizers. Thursday morning began at 6:30 A.M. and the last guest left at 9:00 A.M. this morning! 31 pounds of turkey (2 turkeys), 15 pounds of potato, 5 pounds of carrots, stuffing, green beans, peas, pumpkin bread, pies (apple, pumpkin, chocolate bourbon peacan), cookies, and a few treats from the guest. Oh, and an appletini and a couple glass of wine for strength ;)

Merisi said...

My goodness, I feel your tired feet and hands even now! It took me all week to finally stow away all the dishes, silver and platters. Simply could not do it earier. I compensate by cooking only duck breast or fish for Christmas dinner.