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17 September 2008

It's all worth it

Two weeks ago, I started reading a chapter or two of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the kids at night. This was one of my books from childhood that my mother had saved and returned to me once I had my own children. Every night, KK reads a page and then I do. We were nearing the demise of Mike Teevee, the last of the children left other than Charlie of course. KK could barely contain her anticipation as she cried out "I just can't wait to see what happens. Will you read one more chapter - just one? I need to know before I go to sleep!"

Just like me, my six year old sees stories. I couldn't wish her a better gift.


Ms Mac said...

It's a fabulous feeling, isn't it, when they get it?

I love that my boys all love to read. I feel like I've done something really right.

hexe said...

I agree Ms. Mac - except that just when I am feeling all smug, my daughter tells me that I forgot to send her a snack to school, and my son announced to his pre-school class that the kids with ham sandwiches were eating PIG and one girl refused to eat her sandwich. Sigh . . .

Merisi said...

Dear Hexe,
I have bottled autumn weather for you, and Viennese have been enjoying a sunny, albeit crisp autumn day today.
Would you be so kind and send me an email, just so I don't have to search wide and far for your address?
Been terribly busy lately,
hardly time for posting,
even less for surfing. :-(

RennyBA said...

I just love that book. Did you know R. Dahl's family original is from Norway?