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28 September 2008


In the rush to prepare and pack I forgot to post my Daring Baker project for September. I completed this month's project at the beginning of the month and have made it again, but forgot to post. Sorry D.B!

So this month's challenge for Daring Baker - Lavash Crackers & Toppings by Shelly Fish at http://shellyfish.wordpress.com/

I have to say that when I read the recipe I was a bit disappointed because I wanted an excuse to eat some sugar ladden dessert, and here is a recipe for Vegan Crackers and a choice of Vegan Dips. However, I was ever so WRONG! These crackers are tasty and hold a variety of dips well.

The first time I made them for an easy Friday dinner with homemade salsa, a Tuscan bean dip, and a non-vegan artichoke dip for hubby and the kids. I did top the crackers but forgot to roll the toppings in to the dough so most of the toppings fell off. Even so, this was a hit for dinner. They kids and hubby love the salsa and the artichoke dip; the Tuscan bean dip was a little too much for them but I liked it and actually used the left overs as a base with carrots, onions and celery in a chicken and veggie phyllo dough recipe which everyone loved (I just forgot to tell them they were eating the same bean dip they turned their nose up at only a day before heeheehee). The left over crackers the kids ate plain.

For the recipe for the crackers, click over the Shelly Fish above. This is a very doable recipe, just roll out the dough very thin and don't forget to roll over the dough once the toppings are sprinkled on. The Tuscan bean dip I found on the internet, just click above and it will take you over to it. The salsa and artichoke dip are recipes that I have found in different forms and I have just added and played with them until they fit my family's taste buds. I don't have exact measurements, but if you really want the recipe leave a comment and I'll send you my best estimate.

I can say that I will use this recipe again - most likely for Thanksgiving to set out with my MIL's cheese ball. Thanks to those DB for another great recipe!

Lavash cracker with salsa.

Tuscan Bean Dip.


Sara said...

Mmm, your crackers look amazing! I'm impressed you got them so thin. :) The dips look fabulous too.

RennyBA said...

What a clever baker you are and the way you presents it, it looks delicious.

It looks a bit like Norwegian flatbrød I think :-)

christina said...

Mmm! Those look fantastic. I could live on crackers and dips/spreads, epecially if everything is homemade.

hexe said...

Sara - Thanks - I finally figured out to roll out the dough thin as paper after the first batch. The thicker the crackers were more like flatbread.

Renny - It was a bit like flat bread especially the thicker crackers. Thank you for the invitation to Norway -if I get stuck in Europe I'll see if they can reroute me through Norway :)

Christine - I so agree - this is one of those meals I could eat for several days in a row.

christina said...

Oooh, sorry about that! This freak Patrick has been spamming my blog and found yours in my comments. Just delete and ignore. He's insane.

PATRICK said...
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PATRICK said...
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christina said...

Might be a good idea to go on comment moderation for a while until this poor lost soul gets bored and moves on. Sorry for attracting him to your blog, Hexe!

American in Norway said...

OK...Mmmm Yumm... That looks amazing!