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15 September 2008

Just a Fly on the Windshield

Dear Lady with the shoulder length brown hair, the front half pulled back, wearing the dark sunglasses, and driving the giant ruby red Suburban while talking incessantly on your cell phone and chewing gun,

I am sure it's been a while since you completed your Driver's Ed. class - I know it's been over twenty years for me. But in all that time, the law has not changed to allow you to ignore a red light and nearly mow over a bicyclist in a marked cross walk.

See the bicyclist was me. I know I am way too damn old to be on a bike, especially in a place like here where bicycle riders are seen as target practice for the trucks with gun racks and oversized tires. However, since there is a perfectly good sidewalk that leads from my neighborhood to the gym and I'd finally like to lose the baby weight I gained, back when the baby was born four years ago, I thought the extra workout of riding my bike to the gym seemed logical. Also, add in the benefit of reducing my carbon footprints and global warming (two topics that don't appear to concern you based on your vehicle choice), and I was off like a snail.

I don't want to interrupt your cell phone use, but when you screeched to a stop inches from me and my bike while we were smack in middle of the sidewalk, a good ten feet passed that white line where you are suppose to stop, my heart rate certainly accelerated, but not in the way I'd hoped. It was when you beeped your horn, even though the traffic light in front of you was RED, I decided you must suffer from perpetual obnoxiousness and I said a few words that my son's pre-school class has listed as "coconut words" - words that need to fall off their vocabulary tree. (Don't you just love pre-school teachers!) As I am not in pre-school, I meant every damn word.

Have a nice day and try not to run over any children who I have seen riding their bikes to and from school on that same sidewalk.

Hoping karma really does exist,


Rosie said...

ooh yes , I feel your anger Hexe..let her have it

RennyBA said...

I really do understand you where mad - of course I would be the same.

Btw1: In Norway its forbidden to talk in your mobile phone when driving.

Btw2: My first post from Milan is up :-)

Merisi said...

Hexe, how fortunate that you escaped that horror driver!

May I gently remind you to bring a raincoat, proper footwear, and a warm sweater too, should you venture to Vienna before Thursday? Temperatures in the single digits this morning. Talk about a drop! :-(
Friday I was still swimming in the lake at sunset, which I watched without shivering in a wet swim suit. ;-)

Ms Mac said...

A dear, dear friend of mine actually said to me once, "I can't believe it's illegal to talk on your mobile while you're driving in England!"

I was amazed that there is somewhere in the world where it isn't illegal. Is it illegal in Florida?

But then, I always think, like when I saw a woman texting while driving on the motorway, where are the bloody police when you need them?

naechstehaltestelle said...

Wasn't a cellphone the cause behind the commuter train crash. I mean how senseless do you have to be to keep using that thing while driving?

hexe said...

Rosie - I think my anger has been building as this problem has occurred at least once a week. I must admit that I did feel a bit better when I ranted here ;)

Renny - Florida has not passed any laws restricting the use of cell phones while driving - I always knew Norway was a bit more advanced :) I enjoyed your post on Milan and look forward to reading "the rest of the story." Two and half weeks and counting!

Merisi - It sounds as though your swimming days are numbered! Although we will not be traveling much past Innsbruck, I think I will heed your advice for rain wear and a sweater.

Ms. Mac - No, it's perfectly legal to use your cell phone while driving in this state. Nevermind that every year numerous accidents are caused by people talking and driving. Yet another reason for my "love" of this state ;)

Naechstehaltestelle - There are allegations that the train driver was texting at the time of the accident. I don't how you can text and do anything else. It takes all my attention to type on those little keys and put together a coherent thought.