Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

23 September 2008

Nothing New Here

  • It is still over 90°F/32°C here. The backyard is slowly burning up and my herbs are a bit crisp around the edges.
  • Speaking of the herbs, my rosemary is still being eaten by some unknown animal that devours all but the center stem.
  • Both kids are doing fine in school.
  • Met with kid's teachers and found out that the school has decided to "dumb down" the preschool curriculum. Only teaching upper case letter with no sounds and only using numbers 1-10? Insert eye roll and cussing under the breath here.
  • Have found materials to teach son his letter sounds and numbers beyond ten at home.
  • Still sending out job applications to leave uneducated, temperature challenged state, but economy is working against us here.
  • Still finding my way to the gym most days.
  • Still studying for chemistry class and still not fond of significant digits.
  • Ten days to Italy/Austria trip.
  • Ten days to make and freeze dinners, clean house, do all laundry, make schedule for husband to follow so he remembers to pick up kids from school, learn German and Italian, pack, find new bathing suit as old one has worn so thin in the bum that it is nearly sheer, complete homework for time I am gone, stock refrigerator, reschedule gymnastics classes so they are not at the same time as girl scouts, send teachers an email with Hubby's cell phone for emergencies, and lose ten pounds.
  • Still waiting for it to snow here.


Merisi said...

Time saving tips:
There will be plenty of time to learn both Italian and German on your flight to Italy (maybe a little brushing up on your French too?).
Order a new swimsuit from Lands End (order three different sizes, one will fit).

Btw, what the Dickens are you doing with a swimsuit in Northern Italy this time of the year??????????

Stay happy.
Kids and husband can survive on fast and take-out food for at least six months (I swore off preparing meals and freeze them, when I had to throw the moldy food out when I returned - heating it was too bothersome *haha*). Ever heard of a guy leaving cooked food for mother and children????

Merisi said...

I forget to put a ;-)
there (oh well, I was not kidding about the food and the swimsuit!). :-)

hexe said...

Merisi - Thanks for you advice and the smile. Merano is known for its spa waters so I need a suit to take a dip in the pools - all indoor this time of year. Just promise me that it is cold enough for a jacket and I'll be a happy camper ;)

naechstehaltestelle said...

My gosh, you're going to be so close to me! Well, too far to make a quick day trip I'm sure. Maybe save a future trip for Switzerland??