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03 March 2009

Can't even come up with a title for this one. Have meeting with financial guy today. Forced to actually sit down and look at the loss to the kids education funds and our retirement. Have been watching, but wanted to believe that we just need to wait this out. Thought we had done the right thing -paid off our college loans, carried no credit card debt, only borrowed a third of what bank offered when we bought our house, put maximum contribution into employment offered retirement, and took every bonus and any left over money and put it in college funds for kids at very conservative investment rate. What idiots we are. Understand how damn lucky we are - have house, job, health, family, a modicum of security. But seeing the kids' colleges funds plunging down the crapper is a bit much. Sorry - will be better tomorrow.


RennyBA said...

i do understand, especially when it is about the children's future.

I also hope you feel better tomorrow!

Linda said...

I'm afraid to sit down and look at my IRS. I'm afraid there's not much left but keep hoping it will recuperate. Wishing thinking, I am afraid.

OSLO said...

It sounds like you've done the best you could by being very financially sensible. I hope the damage to the college funds isn't as bad as you fear. We don't actually have such a thing but if it's mutual funds and shares you're talking about, I think we're all in the same boat. Not that this helps when the boat is sinking of course.

hexe said...

Thank you for the kind comments. The damage is pretty signifcant at this point, but thankful we've got time on our side. And it does help to know that we are not the only people worrying. Linda, you are right - it's a lot of wishing, thinking, and worrying.