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20 March 2009

Watch For Wide Load Ahead

It's been a bit of a madhouse here this week. On Saint Patrick's Day, I went to Hew's class and we painted blarney stones, tried a new recipe for Guinness Bread (that didn't go to the preschool), and there was gymnastic class. Wednesday I attended a play with my daughter's class. I sat next to a sweet young boy who could not sit still to save his life. I considered gluing him to the chair.

Yesterday was Hew's birthday - my four year old boy is now my five year old boy. The birthday boy needed to bring a non-chocolate, non-peanut, non-allergy snack for his class. His choice - pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting! So I whipped up 24 of those babies (yes, I know he only has 14 kids in his class, but we had to have a few for home). The muffins were a hit with all of his classmates except for two degenerates who refused to try them because they had "vegetables" in them. Then, for his birthday cake, Hew picked a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. I have never had luck with strawberry frosting and this time was no better. By the end of frosting the round cake, it looked a round mound of Pepto Bismo or one of those Pink Snowballs that come in a package of two. Plus, the dinner choice was pizza, of course.

So now that we have consumed thousands of calories this week, I'm off to dinner with some girlfriends tonight. Do you think we could possibly put the bathing suit season off just a few more weeks? Or maybe another month?


Rosie said...

seems you are too busy to worry about leaving Florida.
I would like the swimsuit season to be postponed myself...my best friend has lost lots of weight and I am not pleased

Expat Traveler said...

I guess P has the same bday as Hew! That is so funny about those 2 kids and I am feeling the same way about being a truck since I've slipped on working out because I didn't feel like doing it!

Good luck - I've got 1 month till the wedding in CAli for my bro, so I need to get my rear in gear too!

misschris said...
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Amy said...

Yes please pumpkin muffin recipie please!!!
Happy Birthday to Hew (love that name- very original!!) What do 5 year old's want for their birthday these days?? You totally lost me on the chocolate cake with "pepto bismo" looking frosting..hahahaha...and I usually don't get lost when it comes to cakes...
Have a great weekend!!!