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02 March 2009

Spin Cycle

Since Thursday, I have felt like I have been tossed about in a perpetual spin cycle. It's been constant motion all the time.

Thursday was the delivery of the "soil" to fill the garden boxes. Hubby assured me that he had given the correct box measurements and the "soil" people were given a fairly mixed sample of actual dirt and cow poo. No such luck on both accounts. First, the mixture contained a high level of fresh (i.e. smelly) manure, thus requiring the mixing in of top soil so my seedlings would not be burned by the high nitrate levels. The nice poo transport man explained this to me.

And Hubby's calculations for the amount of poo were off . . . .

by a rather large amount . . .
By the time this picture was taken, I had filled the boxes to the half way mark and look at all the remaining poo! The shadow is of Hubby after he arrived home from work. He is laughing and snapping pictures of the giant poo pile with his phone. This pile was as high as my son's hip! I am less than pleased. However, no time to deal with giant poo pile because it was time for T-Ball.

Thursday night, as Hubby takes kids to T-Ball, I run to store to find a wheelbarrow (to move the above mentioned poo) and try to clean up, do laundry, and mentally guess when Hubby's mother and brother are going to arrive. As of 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, it had been announced they were coming "sometime" for the weekend, but they were unsure of a day or time.

Friday was spent with a bus load of four year olds visiting a farm as a field trip chaperon. Hew loves all things farm related and rolled around in various animal feces in order to hold chickens and ducks, and milk the cow (I wonder if the increase of animal poo was a symbol of the impending visit . . . . ?) . After a loud day, I raced home, washed Hew - he was the only kid who managed to get duck poo on his shoulder, ran through the grocery store as it had now been decreed that MIL and BIL would arrive an Saturday, and then met the babysitter at the door. Hubby and I went off for a quiet dinner and a movie (Slum Dog Millionaire -loved it!). We had just put in our order at the restaurant when in walks Hubby's Dad and his fourth wife. I nearly wept at this point - but they graciously realized that our date nights were few and far between, and after a bit of conversation they left to meet some friends for dinner.

Saturday morning was a mesh of making beds, cleaning the bathroom, building another garden box, T-Ball, and gymnastics. BIL arrived during T-Ball and taught Hew how to fist bump. Hew immediately taught his friend in the field, both boys ignoring the little white ball that rolled right past them. Once the kids were settled in for nap, our attention turned to the poo pile. Fearing the impending rain which would have turned our poo pile into liquid fertilizer than would run right onto the property of the one neighbor we actually like, we convinced BIL to help shovel and move poo in exchange for beer and the promise of dinner. After that it is a whirlwind of dinner, the arrival of MIL, hyperactive children, videos, breakfast, more videos and hyperactive kids, rain, the loss of power, lunch, and finally once everyone was on the road, a nap - for me.

Thankful, it is Monday, the in-laws are gone, Hubby is at work, the kids are at school, the poo has been dispensed, and I'm ready for another week.



Ms Mac said...

Blimey. I'm exhausted just reading all that.

Merisi said...

Phewee (I am debating how to spell that, "pooie" perchance?)!!!

I got tired reading. You poor thing.
You oughta be knighted.

Merisi said...
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