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11 March 2009

A New Friend . . . or Not

Every Tuesday after school, the kids and I stop at a local park for about an hour. They sit and do their homework and have snack, before it's time for gymnastics. Usually it's pretty uneventful. We've seen lots of birds and once some wild baby pigs at a distance. But yesterday, Mr. Armadillo sauntered up to visit with the kids.

I thought the kids quickly moving about for a closer look would send our new friend scurrying off, but instead he slowly kept moving forward. It was only after my four year boy had, shall we say, a noisy release of gas that our new friend beat a quick retreat.

Or maybe it was our giggling that sent him packing?

Taken March 10, 2009


Expat Traveler said...

wow - so very cool, love the armadillo captures.

Amy said...

Great photos- everytime I've seen an armadillo in Texas they are flat and dead...(hit by cars and subsequently ran over several times by traffic)...sounds like a neat experience for your kids..I'd probably have tried to capture the armadillo and take him home with us...hahahaha...but I'm CRAZY...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Way cool. I want to be a mom like you. Tuesdays in the park sounds so nice. I would have killed to have that type of time with either one of my parents.

RennyBA said...

How great - thanks for sharing - I've never seen an armadillo and we don't have them in Norway.