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06 March 2009

A Night Out

Last night, when I should have been tucking myself into bed with the beginnings of a cold, I put on some cute boots, jeans, curled my hair, grabbed hubby, and went to my first concert in about fifteen years. What made it even more special was that the performers were the same ones I had last seen in Massachusetts in 1994. And Hubby had never been to a concert - although this was a bit more of a gray haired crowd than the concerts of my youth.

Billy Joel and Elton John still put on a great show. While Elton John was a bit more mellow, Billy Joel brought the gray haired crowd to their feet with Scenes from Italian Restaurant, Angry Young Man, We Didn't Start the Fire, and Only the Good Die Young. Unfortunately our babysitter has a curfew and we had to sneak out as the men joined up for the finale. Today, the head cold has hit, I have lost my voice, and feel like the bottom of a bird cage - but last night for a few minutes I was twenty and life was simply fun. Happy Friday!


Ms Mac said...

How fab! I know they're not the coolest any more but really, legends of music, aren't they?

Such a shame you had to leave before the finale though.

misschris said...

Hey my brother was a photographer for that show last night. I was really jealous!

You must be near my hometown, hmmm.

Bengbeng said...

Hey, Elton John still looks remarkably well preserved :)

Linda said...

Gosh, I love Billy Joel. His songs are all so great. Maybe I can find one of his greatest hits CD's. I like Elton John too.

Merisi said...

I went to a Bob Dylan concert,
around his 60th birthday. Boy, do I hope to have the kind of stamina he showed then!

Expat Traveler said...

Definitely a shame that you had to leave early, but great for you for having such a great night out!!!

RennyBA said...

Sorry it was your hubby you grabbed and not me! :lol:

It's more than 10 years since I saw Elton John live in Oslo, Norway but he looks just the same :-)

OSLO said...

What a great opportunity to see two legends. Bet it was fab!