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15 September 2007


Just because it was 98 degrees here today, doesn't mean I can't pretend it's autumn. A little sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon, apple cider, and dark spiced rum and voila, an apple-tini. Tastes like a sour apple with a sweet kick. Beware however that after three, it has taken me fifteen minutes to type this.

The sugar and cinnamon edged glass.
The final product after chilling with the Halloween warning.



Mountain Dweller said...

Wow - sounds like my type of drink!

RennyBA said...

Hey!! It's fall in Norway too - send some over!!
Well, we still have this late summer feeling as you can see in my last post from rural Norway, but its always nice to get something to warm you up (59 degrees today).

Merisi said...

We had a gorgeous late summer's day and I refuse to even think of fall knocking on the door, even though the air and quality of light certainly speak of the equinox closing in.
Why don't you move to Vienna? I'll cook you some food and you teach me those wonderful drinks, that I don't even know how to drink? I had a Margarita once and all that salt made me feel sick. Or was it the alcohol? *haha*

hexe said...

Mountain Dweller - Do you make cider with your apples? If so, this is an easy recipe.

Reny - Saw your photos and was instantly jealous as it has been in the high 90s here.

Merisi - Don't tempt me :) Vienna is actually one of the cities at which we have looked but so far no openings there, but please keep me posted if you see a job opening for an American attorney who speaks Norweigan - a useful language in Austria ;) I promise you this drink is much better than a Margarita as the rim here is sugar and fresh ground cinnamon. Yum!

Merisi said...

Hm, sugar! Sounds so much better than salt. :-)

Re children's piles:
I read a very wise woman's book (I think it was Penelope Leach, "Your older child" or some titel along that line), in which she said that as a mother you have to choices: either you insist that your kids clean up their rooms or you let them piles go to seeds. If you go for the first joice, be aware that you will have to nag your kids from tomorrow on every single day til they leave for college.
Well, I was in no mood for the nagging mother role. I put up two strict rules, though: No playmates in the house as long as their room wasn't cleaned up (does wonders!!! yet it's THEM who are responsible for their actions) and there must at all times be a path cleared from the door to the bed, so that in case of a fire in the middle of the night, they do not fall over their own piles.

My kids are to this day grateful I chose not to nag them. Sometimes it was hard to live through their chaos, but in the end the cleaned their rooms before I had to call in the hazardous waste troops. And many a day our house stayed kids-free, because they convinces the neighbors that they rather would play at THEIR house. *giggle*

Good luck!