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21 September 2007

Pass the Apple-tinis

After this week, I am ready to send a majority of my students off the some abandoned desert area in New Mexico. The whining, pouting, bad language, disrespectful back talking, dramatic girl fights, condescending eye rolling has finally pushed me over the edge. Even my advanced classes pulled this crap today. I'm thinking that rather than correcting essays this weekend, I'll enter all my students names into the running for the next season of Kid Nation and hope they'll be sent to the next forsaken location. At least by reducing their numbers, I may be able to tolerate the remaining whining.


RennyBA said...

Why don't you send them to Norway to meet some Vikings instead? They could maybe teach them some manner LoL

Btw: any Apple-tinis left? I've saved waffles for you! Have a great weekend.

Merisi said...

Oh dear,
were do those kids come from?
Spoiled rotten or neglected or both?
Wish you luck with the Kid Nation application, hope it get's through! :-)