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14 September 2007

An Exciting Friday Night

Currently Boston is playing the Yankees. As a good New Englander, I support the Sox but PH is a die hard Yankees fan. Both of us have made various attempts to brainwash our children. Right now they are claiming they like the Yankees, but they were Red Sox fans this summer.

After a lengthy week at work, I am sitting on the couch, in my tee shirt and comfortable shorts, with my hair in a giant pony tail on my head watching baseball, cheering for the Sox partly because I am good New Englander and partly because it will annoy PH if Boston kicks some Yankee butt. I don't even like baseball. I really need a life . . .


Merisi said...

I am a Boston Sox fan! I shall never forget the World Series they finally won after all those eons of ending up with empty hands. I have to check how the game ended.
Go go, Socks! :-)

hexe said...

Friday night Boston lost by one to the Yankees, but then Saturday they came back and beat New York 10 to 1. Tonight is the deciding game in a three game series. Because of school, I will be in bed before the games ends. Glad to know there is another Boston fan out there as my children have abandooned me for the moment :)

Merisi said...

Oh, this is so exciting! Please keep me posted about the scores.

Merisi said...

Did the Yankees really sock the Sox? :-(((

Did you read this news item:
A fan chased Eric Hinske to second base when he doubled in the seventh, tried to high-five him and then stole Cano's hat before fleeing into left field. He was apprehended, roughly, by security.

So much for security. No wonder they were treating the intruder roughly. ;-)