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25 September 2007

Yet another reason to leave Florida

WARNING!!!!!!! I preface this with the warning that if you are one of those animal lovers who believe that all creatures are equal and should not be smashed with a shovel, then stop reading now. You've been fairly warned so no comments about my cruelty to animals.

Yesterday was a typical Monday - deviant students, half completed homework, classes, correcting papers. At the end of the day, I picked up my own children and raced off campus as though chased by Satan himself. As we arrived home, the kids were delighted. There was a package from our friends in Norway with some Elias the Tugboat DVDs and newly knitted doll clothes (Tusen Takk Gru!). Additionally, a CD of The Sound of Music had arrived after weeks of off-key singing:

So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen, good night, I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu, Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

The kids were delighted to have the "real thing" and not just my tone deaf contribution.

As it was a "cool" 89, I agreed when the kids asked to play in the backyard. As they ran out across the screen porch, there was a sudden stop and hollering. There on the porch was a snake. Yes, it was only a little over a foot long, BUT IT WAS A SNAKE on my friggin' porch. I quickly hauled the kids back inside as I do not know the difference between a rat snake and a cotton mouth. Throughout the afternoon, the kids gazed out the glass doors and gave a running commentary on the snake's location.

An hour or so later, PH arrived home and with trepidation, we all approached the lanai so PH could perform his duty. Disposal of snakes is not, and never will be, on my list of duties. PH, trying to avoid a sleepless night filled with children's screams over nightmares, tried to shoo the snake out the screen door. The snake, not recognizing the universal sign of waiving of a manila folder as a peaceful request to leave, reared up and rattled its tail. That did it. Out came the shovel, a few well placed whacks, and the snake was obliterated with the kids watching on and cheering their brave daddy.

Just add this experience to the list - I don't think I need to tell you which list!


Ms Mac said...

Eeeeeeeek! I don't even like those little lizardey things so a snake would have tipped me right over the edge!

I am thankful that I never once saw a snake when I lived in Australia although the teachers at the boys' school used to have to sweep the sandpit every day for them.


Mountain Dweller said...

You had a SNAKE on your porch? Arrrhhh! I would probably have made the same use of the shovel!

Pam said...

ew!!! THAT is creepy.

I have taken note that the manila folder will remain in office supplies and that the shovel, gotta love the shovel!, is one handy tool!

Kudos to PH for taking care of business!

Expat Traveler said...

Ouch! And what type of snake was it????

Sadly to say, I think my heart would be ponding more from a snake than a bear... Odd, but realistically maybe true...

By the way, I'm so there with you for time.. I'm so the same way. But I'm so unsure to be writing this stuff on my blog for fear of coworkers reading it...

So it sits and trys to muster up all of the joy I have inside to write one post...

I want out too!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, but I laughed out loud at this story! The manilla folder part really cracked me up. Just last week, my neighbor and I, both of us females, had to shovel and hoe to death a coral snake on her porch. Still makes my skin bump up. Thanks for the giggles!