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21 July 2006

Morning at Hexe's House

At 6:45 AM Hew wandered into the bedroom looking for PH. I explained that PH had already left to swim this morning. Hew wanted breakfast and I wanted 15 more minutes of sleep - guess who won?

6:45-6:49 Hew plays with buttons on remote, turning the lights and fan on and off.

6:49 Hew moves on to the buttons on the clock radio, resulting in deafening version of Sheryl Crowe's "All I Want to Do Is Have Some Fun." I try in vain to find the right button to save my ear drums but instead drop clock on my foot. Finally, manage to pull electrical cord out of the wall but the battery back up kicks in and music continues. After several minutes, finally find a way to turn music down but not off.

6:57 Hew has gone into KK's room and woken her while I am fighting with the radio. They both demand breakfast.

6:58 When I tell Hew that he is going to use the potty before breakfast, Hew runs away and locks himself in his room! The lock sticks and I can not open the friggin' door. I then have to find a screwdriver and unscrew the door knob to open door.

And a good morning to you too!


PH said...

PH has returned from swimming and unlocked Hew's door. He is now free to finish his day.


Expat Traveler said...

oh geeze - that stinks.. Glad the outcome is good... No locks on kids doors solves the problem too.... :)

Should I make you made and say I slept in until 7:50am and that I don't work until Wednesday. Mind you that I'll be on the internet working still.

Expat Traveler said...

mad not made -haha

Ms Mac said...

Blimey! I would have been driven mad by that. I'm really not a morning person!