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18 July 2006

A Sad Welcome Home

I had this day planned out. I was finally home, back to high speed access and only two children, who could run wild while I blogged and posted vacation pictures. Unfortunately, the call came late last night. I expected the call but I thought it would be later in the week. My aunt had finally died of cancer.

She learned in April that she had a "recurrence." You look for answers - she wasn't a smoker or a drinker. She didn't lead a danger life with exposure to cancer causing materials. She was neither young nor old. She was just a recently retired school teacher who lived her life in the area where she'd grown up. She wasn't perfect - there were strained relationship and old hurts that even impending death could not heal.

What no one told her back in April was that death doesn't come easily. She suffered - a lot. She was conscious and aware most of the time. One day recently she confessed that she never thought dying would be such hard work. Cancer sucks.

So today, I am reminded to get off my ass and enjoy my life because there are no guarantees that tomorrow will be easier or better. In fact, there are no guarantees, you will have tomorrow.


Expat Traveler said...

all too true! I think I need to get out and run... But the tour... It won't be on alp d'huez tomorrow... :) always looking on the bright side.

Ms Mac said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've lost your Aunt. You're right, Cancer does suck.

Deb said...

Sorry for your loss Hexe. My father has leukemia, so I agree with your statement on cancer.

What you said about enjoying life is so important. I have recently started re-evaluating my life as well.

My father told me of a quote from someone unknown.....

"Life is so fragile, death is so final."

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. Not very good news to come home to. My ex-sister in law's mother is going through something similar and it's extremely trying for the whole family.

(Blogger won't let me post as me so I'm doing it anonymously)


hexe said...

E.T. - I also could use a run. Thanks for the reminder about the Tour. I haven't been following as closely as I would like!

Ms. Mac - Thank you for the condolences.

D - I'm very sorry to hear about your father. I know this must be an exceedingly difficult time. Illness has a way of putting life into perspective rather quickly.

Christina - My sympathy to your family. It is hard to watch someone you love suffer. You feel so helpless.

Thank you all for the positive thoughts. I have really missed blogging these last couple weeks and I appreciate how quickly you each passed along positive messages.