Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

31 July 2006

A large piece of humble pie, please . . .

Hexe to PH on Thursday after learning of his Grandmother's death (and after several hours without A/C):
"Just give me the computer. I'm quicker and more efficient in finding a flight."

Tonight, PH to Hexe on the phone from NY:
"I tried to check in on-line for my return flight tomorrow, but it appears that my return flight is for August 30, not August 3 . . . I've already called the airline and paid the fee to change the flight."

SHIT! Pass me a fork . . .


Expat Traveler said...

oh geeze...I hate that!

I'm watching Rick Steves right now. This is like my every day thing when I can! Bavaria today. I'm so homesick!!!!!!!!!!!

RennyBA said...

Sorry to hear about PH's grandmother.
Long time - I've been on vacation - how about you?
Pass me a piece of that pie please:-)

Dixie said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who does stuff like this!

I'm sorry about PH's grandmother. Hope his trip goes well.

hexe said...

E.T. I want Rick Steves' job:)

Renny - Thanks for the visit and the condolences. Our vacation included a visit to my family in New England and then a visit to my brother in law in France. Unfortunately, it is now back to the real world. I have suggested to my husband, PH, that he read your blog as he lived in Norway back in the late 80s and misses it.

Dixie - Thanks for the condolences. PH has arrived home safely and I am sure it will only be another day or so before I need some more "pie" :)

Sunshine said...

thanks for stopping by, when I can get my brain to function I'll have to link you up!
hopefully i can muster up some less depressing posts for you to read sometime than what i've had this week!
hope your reality gets a little easier now that you are back to it. :)