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27 July 2006

Route de Vin

I have been trying all day to post our pics from the Route de Vin, but Blogger seems to have issues with the photos. Here are three of the photos and I'll try to get the others up later.

We were intending to go to Colmar (near the German border) from Gerardmer, but never made it all the way to Colmar. We kept stopping in all these little town on the Route de Vin. Most of the town were walled and outside of the walls were miles of vineyards heading up the hills. This first pic was taken from inside the wall town, looking out towards the vineyards.

These photos came from the towns of Kayserberg and Ribeauville. This is an area of France that I would love to revisit in the autumn. Many of the towns had portions of old stone castles or homes in the vineyards.

All of the house had these lovely flower boxes. We wandered from town to town looking at flowers, vineyards, and tasting wine. The area is known for Reisling and we found a couple bottles to bring back to my family as a thank you for taking care of KK and Hew. It was a beautiful way to spend the day :)


Expat Traveler said...

Hexe - I'm in heaven. I think for every tiny village that you visited, it was well worth not ending up in Colmar. These special villages are so darn cool to me.

And would you believe, I've done this type of tour in 2002 April. We went through both kayers and Ribo and I went to the top of that castle in your photo!

Brings back memories. I hope to take P there one day!

hexe said...

E.T. - Glad you're enjoying our trip. I am having a hard adjustment being back in Florida. The photos are a nice escape.

Expat Traveler said...

definitely know how that feels. I really had a hard adjustment on my first and second trips big time!