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07 August 2006

Excuse me, where is the baby aisle?

Setting: Hexe running around kitchen like a deranged escapee trying to get dinner on the table. KK and Hew periodically wandering into the kitchen to throw toys on the floor and tattle on each other.

KK (meanders into kitchen holding her piggy bank): Momma, I want to buy a baby.

Hexe (distracted by hot items on stove): Uhuh.

KK (louder and more insistent): Momma! I got fifteen dollars. Is that enough to buy a baby?

Hexe (still preoccupied with hot stove): KK, you know that babies don't come from stores.

KK (sighing dramatically): I know that babies come from their mommy's belly, but then the mommy takes the baby to the grocery store for people to buy. So is fifteen dollars enough to buy a baby?

I have no idea where or how this thought developed as we have been to the grocery store more times than I can count and I have yet to see a baby aisle. Besides, if I knew during all those sleepless nights I could have sold my kids to Publix . . . . I think it best I don't finish this thought!


EuroTrippen said...

That ranks right up there with "what do you mean we can't afford it? Just go to the money machine and tell it to give you some so I can have the 1,376th toy I've seen today!"

Sunshine said...

I think it's quite normal...actually, I hope it's quite normal to think about the times I've wanted to sell mine to the gypsies (if only gypsies of any type whatsoever wandered here) or the thought that a nice, healthy little kid (or 4) would sell great on Ebay, if only they didn't have that ridiculous rule about body parts.
Can you imagine the Ebay listing information?
Gently Used Caucasian Child, size 8 years. Comes from pet-free, smoke-free home. Buyer to pay shipping.
Oh dear....you're right, finishing the thought makes me look like a bad mom!

Ms Mac said...

Yeah, you can think it, but don't write it!!!


hexe said...

Eurotrippen - Don't you just wish the money machine worked like that - "I'd like $1.5 million, thank you."

Sunshine - Not a bad mother just a mother. I like the Ebay description. Here's mine: One Caucasian female child, size four years. Excellent verbal skills and lung capacity. One Caucasian male child, size two years, not yet housebroken but very loveable.

Ms. Mac - I know - never put it in writing because then there's a record of my questionable parenting skills:)

Sunshine said...

I may have to do a mock Ebay listing post for each child. I may get some offers unsolicited.

Expat Traveler said...

wow - what a thought. Geeze - time to catch up after not reading for 2 days.