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09 August 2006

Time to face the music and put the doughnut down

Yesterday I had to have my picture taken for my new job. I hate having my picture taken as it is a reminder that I'm not happy with how I look. And now I have to wonder why I don't do something about it.

Before kids, I was very active. I ran and worked out and easily maintained a single digit figure. My first pregnancy, I gained too much weight and was on bedrest for eight weeks. I never lost all the weight before number two arrived. Last year for a short time, I really committed myself to working out, but I didn't stick to it. Now with a new job, I have to wonder when I will find the time and why don't I make this a priority.

I understand the concept - less food in the mouth and move movement. I understand that being overweight is bad for my health - especially with a family history of diabetes and heart problems. I understand that I would feel better about myself and have more energy. So, why can't I get my arse up and make it happen?


Ms Mac said...

Because it's MUCH easier said than done, I know it! But I'm with you anyway.

Sunshine said...

Don't beat yourself up. I'm in the same boat where I have that squishy middle where washboard abs used to be. Having small children makes getting time to workout difficult unless one is willing to get up at 5AM. Not me, I hate that. When I start thinking about how I'd really like my old figure back, I remind myself that I got four gorgeous healthy children in exchange for the 10 pounds of squishy. Then suddenly, those extra curves don't bother me so much.
I've never seen a picture of you or anything, but I'm sure you look better than you think you do. You'll workout eventually, just enjoy the small ones!

RennyBA said...

Dont' be to hard on yourself - remember what you are focused on, you get more of. Have fun with family and friends, take them our in the nature as I did last weekend and enjoy you life the way you are because you are unique and I'm sure a wonderful wife and mother. That's all that matters Hexe:-)

Expat Traveler said...

I'm far too hard on myself just like you. I guess look forward to the winter months when you know you can enjoy the outdoors more.

I'm sure you are a lot more tired with 2 kids now also. And well, maybe hubby can trade off while you hit the gym for a bit.

Setting a routine helped me do it. i desperately need to get back working out full time too. It' the motivation factor slowing me down!

hexe said...

Thank you all for your positive thoughts. I'm still trying to find my new routine and I need to make some time to do a little more physical activity. Feel free to remind periodically :)

EuroTrippen said...

It's all the yummy kid-friendly foods we keep around that do us in. If all I had in our flat was fat-free yogurt & celery... why, I'd be one skinny b1tch.

Add it to the list of long-suffering 'mommy' compromises.

Heather said...

I can totally relate - it totally sucks to feel the things you're feeling. Don't know if you've ready anymore of my blog than the most recent entries, but I was on Weight Watchers for about 9-10 months and lost about 60lbs, so I've been where you are. I've gained 10 back and want to lose it soooo badly, but those damn chips and cookies and ice cream keep calling my name. Sunshine wants to lose a few lbs too I think. What do you say - the three of us start something here? A little internet support group??