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21 August 2006


After a week in the new job, I am not anxious to leave my warm bed and begin my work week. After a few tense days last week, administration relented and backed off their unreasonable demands on my time. Even with the modifications, I think it will take me some time to become comfortable with my "new life." So, until that happens, I'm planning a trip for my kids' spring break in March. Traveling with an almost three-year-old and a five-year-old just screams stress relief, doesn't it?

The question of the weekend has been where to go for one week in mid-March with two small children. We've talked about Northern New England - a visit to Boston and then spring skiing in New Hampshire, but we are definitely looking for some other ideas. We considered an overseas trip, but with the lack of time and the kids' ages, it would need to be a direct flight (or a great deal :) ), which seriously limits our options. The only requirement is that I get to leave the State of Florida. So, suggestions anyone?


Ms Mac said...

I wish I could help but everywhere I know of is about a week's worth of travel just to get there!

I'd like to go to Connecticut to see Gilmore Girls territory, is that not near New England? Or New Jersey to do a Sopranos tour. I don't know how suitable that would be for the littlies though. ;-)

Isn't it sad that most of my USA travels would centre around tv?

Sunshine said...

We use March/April to take our four kids to Arizona. Direct flight into Phoenix shouldn't be hard to find.
Arizona, despite the whole no water anywhere thing, does offer many things to do, for kids or adults.
Anywhere north of the Mason/Dixon is going to be unpredictable as far as weather during that time frame. Here, we could have tons of rain, or be in the 70s, or have a big blizzard.
Unless you want a snow vacation, then maybe head out for some skiing in New England, not sure about direct flights from Florida to Colorado.

Expat Traveler said...

You could also easily go down to San Diego, CA. You could visit Sea World and hang around the beach of that beautiful area. I'm sure there is much more to do there, but then again, maybe you don't want to do a beach type them!

Hmm - skiing sounds like fun and it would be a change of pace too.

Dixie said...

What about Williamsburg, VA? There's lots of other things to do in the area besides Colonial Williamsburg.

hexe said...

Thanks for the suggestions. We are still debating (and looking at flights).

RennyBA said...

I can't resist suggesting Norway of course. If you are interested, I'll gladly check and give you more infomations and guidence. If you look at my posts from March last year, you get an idea of what you can expect:-)

hexe said...

Renny - We are thinking about a trip to Norway this summer to visit some of PH's old friends from his time in your lovely country. That trip will be without kids. I appreciate your offer for guidance and will keep you updated.

RennyBA said...

This summer? Well you have to hurry up before it's fall then - but that is a lovely season in Norway too:-) Please keep me posted!

Heather said...

Heh there! What about North Carolina/Tennessee mountains? Supposed to be some beautiful areas up there - and the weather will be pretty, albeit a little cool? We've white water rafted, etc. up that way and its beautiful. Hmmmm...other kid friendly places....Williamsburg was a good suggestion - adult and kid stuff abound.