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10 June 2007

Food and Wine

While in Oregon, I attended my first cooking class. I have to say that I am hooked. I've always loved cooking and this brunch class just furthered my curiosity (as well as my appetite!). The menu included:

Goat cheese and salmon blintz served with a red onion and quince jam and creme fraiche

Whole wheat crepes filled with a spinach florentine served with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce

A living cress and citrus salad AND

Classic crepes suzettes

Of course, I forgot my camera so I have no proof of my creativity, but it was wonderful. The food was incredible and the class was only six students so it was a cozy group. Since then I have been inspired and PH and the kids have been reaping the benefits.

When I arrived home PH had some left over chicken in the refrigerator, I diced up the chicken with some artichoke, prepared a roux and added chicken stock and lemon juice. I had no creme in the house so I tossed in some of the kid's vanilla yogurt and then made homemade crepes and a salad - resulting in lemon chicken and artichokes crepes with salad. YUM! Since then I have grilled some great burgers with corn on the cob and a delicious tabouli salad. Last night was a cold peach and strawberry soup with steam artichokes and a mustard wine sauce. I'm not sure how long the inspiration will continue but I need to start taking some photos to capture this creativity.

Also in Oregon, I stopped by a winery

And also made a stop at Tillmook Dairy where I was nearly run over by numerous senior citizens with giant bags of cheese

Finally, I stopped at the Blue Heron Dairy where I sample and purchased some tasty smoke brie, including a smoked pepper brie. I also had lunch in their cute kitchen - a smoked turkey and brie sandwich with a cup of clam chowder. YUM!

Must go - time for lunch!


RennyBA said...

Woow Hexe, your become a great chef - this is what I call gourmet food and you describe it in a way so my mouth is watering!

Goat cheese - on of my favorite and a must on every Norwegian breakfast table!

Looks like you've had a lovely time in Oregon too - Cheese and Wine tasting - what a perfect match!

Antipodeesse said...

Dear Hexe,

Email me at antipodeesse at yahoo.fr and I'll send you the Choc Malted cake recipe!


Merisi said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog, it gave me the extra bonus of being able to follow you to your blog. Love your profile, sort of recognized myself there (besides the fact, that I like to call myself a witch *g*). *chuckle*
I shall be back, to read more here, today I've burned my quiet time already, trying to finally answer the comments on my blog.
Til later, greetings from Vienna,