Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

07 June 2007


The view of my hotel, The Ocean Lodge from the beach the day I arrived. It was rainy and very foggy.

One of the many house along the beach that I liked.

These flowers were growing around the hotel. I have no idea what they are.

This is the fireplace where I spent some quiet hours reading with coffee and a treat from the never ending cookie jar!

Once the fog cleared, this was the view from the deck in my room.

I took numerous pictures of these rocks. There was something mesmerizing about them.

As the sun was setting

A path down to the beach from a state park.

More random flowers found while walking.

Children are" calling" (screaming bloody murder at each other over a $0.50 toy) so more later about the cheese and wine.


Ms Mac said...

It looks beautiful! Those white flowers, if I'm not mistaken, are hyderangea. If I am, then I apologise.


Expat Traveler said...

hey that's the famous park I want to take P too!

What is it called again?

I don't think we will make it this month even though we will be in ORegon for a day...

But I LOVE LOVE The pics!

By the way, I still have to wait for the PR card.. And P is working strange hrs this week. WE don't see each other at all!

christina said...

I just love the Oregon coast! This brings back some very fond memories for me. I'm so glad you had a relaxing time and thanks for the great pictures.

Yes, Ms. Mac is correct, those flowers are hydrangeas.

RennyBA said...

What lovely picture of a great trip - thanks for sharing! I are turning into a blog trotter Hexe and I've already warned all the Norwegians that you are soon coming over - welcome:-)

Mountain Dweller said...

Great pictures. It sure looks like it's a beautiful part of the world. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

hexe said...

Ms. Mac and Christina - Thank you for educating me about flowers. My knowledge of flora and fauna is seriously lacking.

E.T. - The rock is called Haystack Rock and it was on the beach just outside of my hotel in Cannon Beach. Less than ten miles south of Cannon Beach were numerous little parks, one being Oswald West which had a camp ground, hiking trails to the ocean, and a path up the mountain. Hope this helps and have fun planning your trip.

Renny - Thanks for the welcome. My husband is very excited as it has been almost twenty years since he left Norway - I imagine there have been a few changes :)

Mountain Dweller - It was not the Alps but still very pretty.

Merisi said...

Beautiful place, wished I could go there!
The hyderangeas in the "secret garden" on the interior of my city block are blooming right now, there are also some pretty lace hydrangeas. I shall try to take pictures for you.