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04 June 2007

Thank You PH

I tried to upload photos but my computer is doing strange things - I guess it does not enjoy traveling as much as I do :) So far I have walked the beach and stared at the ocean, been to a cooking class, shopped, watched a movie, gone to a winery, visited two dairys that make cheese, and taken lots of pictures. And it has rained almost the entire time I've been here!

None of this wonderful trip would not be possible without my wonderful husband watching my children. I know there are many women who would be uncomfortable traveling alone and even fewer husbands who would agree to let their wife fly off across the country to wander alone. Since I can't load pictures, I can at least thank my husband for this time. Thank you for the time and for watching the kids. Thank you for realizing that I need time to wander and for trusting me enough to always encourage me to take time. I love you and miss you.


Anonymous said...


Have fun, unwind, and relax. You deserve the break.

By the way, the Yankees took 2 out of 3 from the Sox this weekend.

Ha Ha Ha! See you soon.

All my love!


RennyBA said...

How great to know you have such a good husband and ever better to know you have a great time when you first get the time. You really seams to get the best out of it and I can tell it is good for you.
I'm sure both your husband and your children will have a nice, happy and joyful mom when you get home!

Btw: Hope your puter is more corporative when you get home then. Would have been lovely to see some of the pics.

Kim/Thomas said...

awwww so sweet...

that's what love is:)
and have fun!