Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

13 June 2007

Yesterday included a visit to the dentist for a cleaning, a stop by the store for socks and toothbrushes, and a run through the market for mild and bread. Both kids strapped themselves in and out of the car seats several times. I didn't realize how long it was taking until Hew pointing to the local Bob Evans, chimed from the back seat, "There's Auntie's house."

It appears in all the errands I took a wrong turn and drove 1300 miles to New Hampshire. Imagine how happy my sister would be to think that the home they spent the last six years building resembles this?


Ms Mac said...

That's most amusing!

Merisi said...

Too bad you were not really at your sister's, I imagine after a day like yours, you'd have loved to visit with her, even if her house was a little smaller. ;-)

Thank you for your comment on my blog, here I have a larger image of the red rose with the white center (my playground blog thingy *everybody seems to have at least two blogs nowadays trend*). *smile*

Dixie said...

Entirely too funny! :)