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02 June 2007

I Love Travel

I would swear to you that this state hates me. For weeks I have wished for cool weather or a lazy rainy day, and now as I sit at the airport waiting to leave the state, there is a down pour. Not only that, it is expected to rain all weekend. Yeah, yeah the irony . . .

This is my first time at the airport since Christmas with PH and the kids. Being here by myself is certainly different. First, I am sitting quietly. No one has asked for a drink, snack, movie, or to be taken to the bathroom. It’s almost eerily quiet as I sit looking at the blowing rain wondering what I will be doing for the next few days. And that is the second difference, what will I be doing for the next few days? Normally travel days are filled with events, people to see, and children to control. Other than a couple hour cooking class, my time is free for the next couple days. Those of you with families can understand how this is both exhilarating and yet slightly unnerving. I know I used to have a life before marriage and children, but the years of sleeplessness have robbed my memory of that time.

There is an excitement however, every time I walk into airport. You’d think it would get old and that I’ve flown enough to find it a dirty but necessary inconvenience. Yet walking through the airport doors with people rushing about with suitcases, it appears as though the world is a possibility. Sounds corny, I know. But from this place, people will be going to places across an ocean. They will meet new people, have new experiences, and modify their world view. I can’t help but sense the possibilities each time I walk through the automated doors.

Enjoy the weekend and hopefully I’ll some pictures in the next few days so the sappy dribble can be replaced. And all my love to PH and the kids


Ms Mac said...

I still get excited when I'm due to get on a plane. I hope that feeling never goes away!

Anonymous said...

We love you and miss you already. We hope your flight isn't delayed too long.

Enjoy your flight and your quiet time away.

So far we have been to Home Depot, made two small wooden planes, and set up the tent in Hew's bedroom. There is plenty of yelling and screaming already. Lunch is coming soon and then its nap time for me. Hopefully, the kids will get some sleep, too.

All our love!!!

PH, KK, and Hew

Mountain Dweller said...

Enjoy your time alone - make sure you do everything that you would never have done had you had your kids with you!

Merisi said...

I could have written that. Four kids and many many flights across the Atlantic with them, many times alone, still couldn't take the joy away of finally sitting strapped in my seat and only having to look forward to arrive (my kids were very savy travellers already when they were tiny, own little packback packed, good behavior, bless them!). Feel and felt the same sensations about finally travelling alone again as you describe. I feel with all those parents having to take care of small kids, it is such a demanding job. I loved it, still, so many years of sheer will to survive another day with little sleep the night before, I shall never forget it.

Merisi said...

"but the preparation wears me out: Oh, I know that feeling all too well, one more, maybe the main reason, to be happy to finally be strapped in your seat! Nothing more can be done about all that stuff that one forgot. *chuckle*