Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

15 June 2007

Round One

I am trying to pack and prepare for our flight next week. Yet my kids seem to have other ideas. This happened last year too. I've yet to figure out the correlation between suitcases and bad behavior. I have no conclusive evidence other than to note that it appears to be a consistent trend.

My kids, although young, are good travelers. Now as their parent, I'm sure I'm biased. However on every plane these kids have flown, total strangers have turned to us at the end of the flight and comment how well behaved my devil spawn are during the flight. Even when sick, there is no crying on planes.

But getting them to the plane with a packed suitcase is a different story. This morning has included repeatedly rolling the ottoman across the floor and banging it into the wall, as well as the removal of several Barbie heads. We have had fights that have resulted in hitting and one biting incident. BITING! These kids did not even have a biting phase as toddlers and now at the sight of a suitcase, they're leaving teeth imprints on each other. I would love to toss them both outside but as I reside in Hell and it is two thousand degrees in the backyard, I would be accused of child abuse if they were left outside melting for more than ten minutes.

I need reinforcement - Is it too early for wine?


Ms Mac said...

I live by the motto that "it's 5 o'clock in the world, somewhere!"

Get the corkscrew, I'll get the glasses.

Mountain Dweller said...

I know all about the child suitcase syndrome. Good luck with getting those bags packed!